Is there a need for this site?  

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association website, in the US alone, in the year 2012, almost 70 million dogs were owned as pets, over 74 million cats were owned as pets, over 8 million birds were owned as pets, and almost 5 million horses were owned as pets. (And there were a variety of other animals listed as pets, also.)   (There are estimates that there are 525 million dogs as pets in the world, and equally high numbers of other animals raised as pets.)

Who owns and tends to the pictures on the Remembering Our Pets site?  

The Remembering Our Pets site is owned and tended to by volunteers from the POS-FFOS Internet Community. (Parents of Suicides and Friends and Famlies of Suicides.) The mission is not related to suicide, but because pets are sometimes very important to people grieving any type of loss, they realized that there should be a special place to remember beloved pets.

How can I submit a photo of my pet to be placed on the wall?  

Click the Submit Your Pet Photo button and fill in the form with the required information. Please carefully read the directions on the submittal pages. Your e-mail address must be valid. Be sure to browse and upload a photo of your pet before you submit.

Who approves my pet’s photo?  

There is a team of volunteers who tend to this site and maintain it. The volunteers consider each photo submitted and approve, as long as the required information is included and appropriate. It usually takes about three days.

How can I search for my pet’s photo?  

The site has a search button (at the top of the right column). Enter the first name of the pet, and click the button. If it’s on the site, all pets that have that same name will come up.

What should I do if I find an error?  

If you find an error, click the Contact Us button. Send us the name of the pet, explain the mistake, include your name and your e-mail address. Then, check back in a couple days to see if the correction has been made.

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