There are millions of pet owners all over the world. The bond between pets and those who love them is real.

For some of us, our pets are like family members and close companions. We spend time with them, and they are glad to see us. So, it is natural that if our pets leave, if they die, we mourn for them and grieve our loss.

The Rememering Our Pets memorial site was set up in January 2015 to offer a place for anyone who has loved a pet to memorialize the pet: cat, dog, horse, bird, or whatever.

We invite you to submit a photo of your beloved pet, and to visit the site and see photos that others have posted here.


This is my pet Dog named Lucy. I remember ….

Lucy was my best friend for 14 years. She was always by my side no matter what. Her soft coat soaked up many nights of tears after my Mikey died. I lost her two years ago. I will never forget … Continue reading


This is my pet Chihuahua named Toby. I remember ….

Toby was given to me by my daughter a few years after my son’s death. He was 6 weeks old and so very tiny. He would be 7 years old on December 2, 2015. On October 12, we started out … Continue reading


This is my pet dog named Blue. I remember ….

My daughter Courtney loved her dog Blue. He was an amazing dog that truly loved his “people family”!

We called him “BlueBear” and he would greet you by carefully standing and placing his big paws on your shoulders. If he … Continue reading


This is my pet dog named Pepper. I remember ….

Pepper. He was our wonderful Australian shepherd-sheltie cross. He was definitely our alpha dog and demanded love and attention all the time, but he was also sweet and kind to our other dogs, Mouse and Booboo. He was a real … Continue reading


-This is our pet cat named Amelia. I remember ….

Amelia Beal: 22 March 2000 – 1 February 2015 ~ When we moved to Tennessee, this black outdoor cat ‘came with the house.’ We named her Amelia (after Amelia Earhart, since she was so adventurous.) She was five years old … Continue reading


This is my pet Dog named Lexy. I remember ….

August 14, 2010 – November 24, 2011. I adopted Lexy from a shelter and she was instantly my best friend. She was loving, playful, fast and wanted to be where all the action was. Sadly, Lexy was hit by a … Continue reading


This is my pet cat named Lucky. I remember ….

May 23, 1993 – September 14, 2010

Lucky was my second oldest of my first kitty clan family. He was loving and very vocal. He loved to sleep in between my knees at night and woke me every morning for … Continue reading


This is my pet Bird named Sammy. I remember ….

Sammy. Sammy wasn’t just a parakeet. She had such a personality. She would call out to our dog, Brandy all the time. They were best of friends. She lived quite a long time for a parakeet. She lived 11 years. … Continue reading


This is my pet dog named Bear. I remember ….

Bear. Bear was a big boy. He weighed 127 pounds. He was a big loveable “Teddy” Bear. We miss him so.


This is my pet dog named Brandy. I remember ….

Brandy. Brandy was our first Doberman. Brandy only lived for 4 years. He twisted his stomach and did not make it though the surgery. In that short time, he brought us much love and quickly became so much a part … Continue reading


This is my pet dog named King. I remember ….

King. King was our very first pet. We got him from someone who had him tied up to a doghouse. We took him in and gave him a home and much love.

Maggie and Grunt

This are my pet dogs named Maggie and Grunt. I remember ….

Maggie and Grunt. We got Maggie and Grunt as puppies. They were brother and sister. Quite little characters they both were and very lovable.. We miss them dearly.


This is my pet dog named Molly. I remember ….

Molly. She was a people person. Molly loved people and they loved her. She is missed dearly.


This is my pet dog named Mac. I remember ….

Mac was a rescue Sharpei and the best temperament dog we ever had. He was a great companion and was quite loveable.


This is my pet dog named Poco. I remember ….

the first day I got Poco. I had loss my only child 2 years earlier & I needed something to get out of bed. I acquired Poco from one of my son’s friends. Poco was a delight from day one. … Continue reading


This is my pet dog named Tomte. I remember ….

Tomte :

Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) : 01 January 2002 – 2 March 2011


This is my pet Dog named Truls. I remember ….

Truls :

Working Black Labrador : 01 January 1996 – 12 November 2012


This is my pet dog named Rupert. I remember ….

Rupert was a rescue dog from our local SPCA – and had been shipped from shelter to shelter for so many months, he never really lost his fear of chain-link fencing. I named him Rupert – because he looked so … Continue reading


This is my pet Dog named Toffee. I remember ….

She was my companion for 17 years. She knew when I needed her company in the dark times of my grief. Another special girl in my life.

Minnymae and Bigboy

These are my pet dogs named Minnymae and Bigboy.

I  remember ….Minnymae my sweet Pyrenean Mountain dog, she was such a cheeky fun dog. a mischievous puppy, came home at 8 weeks so cute & cuddly 2001, she gave us so much pleasure in her life, lots of fun walks, … Continue reading


This is my pet dog named Mackey. I remember ….

Mackey was a Maltipoo. I only had Mackey a little over 3 months. He died of distemper. He was just the sweetest little guy.

So very sad to lose him.


This is my pet dog named Boogie. I remember ….

Boogie was a Maltese. He was super loving and super smart. I had Boogie for 14 years. He was so little when I first got him, he could curl up inside of a baseball cap. I would sing “You are … Continue reading



This is my pet dog named Scrappy with me when I was about 7 years old. He was a cocker spaniel, and a good companion for a young boy. He was game for any adventure, including pulling a wagon in the neighborhood 4th of July parade.