Minnymae and Bigboy

These are my pet dogs named Minnymae and Bigboy.

I  remember ….Minnymae my sweet Pyrenean Mountain dog, she was such a cheeky fun dog. a mischievous puppy, came home at 8 weeks so cute & cuddly 2001, she gave us so much pleasure in her life, lots of fun walks, went everywhere with us. Very much a bossy boots, always in charge of every Pyrenean dog we rehoused. This is her with a rehoused Pyrenean who came to live with us aged 7. Miss MM as she was known was much loved and we miss her so much, she left us suddenly and crossed the Rainbow bridge 5 days after her 9th birthday in April 2010, always remembered and loved. Our dear Bigboy missed her and he also crossed the rainbow bridge in June 2011 age 10. They are both waiting over the Rainbow Bridge with all our other dogs to greet us again one day.

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