This is my pet dog named Poco. I remember ….

the first day I got Poco. I had loss my only child 2 years earlier & I needed something to get out of bed. I acquired Poco from one of my son’s friends. Poco was a delight from day one. He gave me a reason to get out of bed. Although my husband didn’t want a pet, he fell in love with him & they became best buds. Everyone who encountered him just loved him. People would stop in their cars wanting to know what kind of dog he was. This was before all the “designer” breeds became fashionable. To me, he was just my little white bundle of joy. It was very traumatic when my husband & I decided to “let him go.” Poco had just turned 16 & his eyesight & hearing were gone. He also couldn’t hold his bladder anymore. My sister & nephew stayed with Poco in the room because my husband & I couldn’t bear to watch him pass. We said our goodbyes right before. People still ask us if we will ever get another pet. To me, Poco was irreplaceable. He was the best dog & I’ll treasure him the rest of my life.

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